I’m pretty sure this is Fanwank…4.0? I think that’s it.

The site started life as a place for me to make a silly webcomic using action figures. I did that daily for a while, then shelved the project when my ideas began to consistently outmatch my available resources.

Version 2.0 was another stab at the same concept, but I quickly hit the same wall, and that idled into inactivity as well.

Then! Version 3.0! No comic, just photography!¬†Except I found photography outside of comic-making just didn’t hold my interest at all.

So, time for a new spin on things! Fanwank resumes being a site for comics once more! This time, though, real comics! Some entirely by me, most as a collaboration of some sort. As you can see, the site’s still in its infancy, but keep an eye out, there’ll be new things soon! Exclamation points!