abyssal leap

Hammersgaard, on the edge of the Ruined Frontier. The east-most city of the Kingdom of Coralym, Hammersgaard straddles the river Orga, and its Justices keep a vigilant watch on the wastes to the east, the remnants of wars gone by.

Beyond a well-patrolled road that borders the river on the eastern bank, the Ruined Frontier has not been tamed–even that road exists only to protect river traders from ambush by goblins or worse. Inside the city, a bustling economy is bolstered by those same river traders, and the competition between up-and-coming adventuring parties, out to conquer the dangers of the Frontier and reap the rewards of success, fame and fortune.

Our story focuses on one such company: Will they succeed, or will they perish in the wastes, wishing they’d had the sense to stay home?